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Since 1992, EcoTimber has been the leading supplier of high quality wood products from environmental sources. We offer a beautiful selection of hardwood flooring from FSC-certified well-managedforests, fast-growing Bamboo flooring, and reclaimed flooring.

Offering products made with finishes and adhesives that won't
off-gas harmful chemicals, EcoTimber is the healthy choice for your home and the planet.

Welcome to EcoTimber - where beauty, quality and competitive prices go hand in hand with the highest environmental values!

Featured product: FSC-Certified Brazilian Teak Flooring (Cumaru).

Style, Sophistication, Status

Make a statement with the Jack Mishkin Signature Collection by J. Mish, Inc.


New Beginning:

Design expert Jack Mishkin, former founder and owner of Bentley Mills and Monterey Carpet, introduces an exceptional level of style, creativity and performance to the residential carpet industry with his new company J. Mish, Inc.

Dust-Less Hardwood Restoration

Dust-Less Hardwood Restoration

The Environmental Protection Agency considers indoor air quality one of the top five environmental threats to human health. The traditional sand and finish process without dust containment and using solvent-based finishing products creates an environment of hazardous airborne wood dust and toxic fumes in a home or business. We provide the cleanest, most convenient and healthiest hardwood floor finishing process available.