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About DuroDesign Bamboo Flooring

DuroDesign Bamboo Flooring

A uniquely environmentally responsible flooring

Bamboo is a truly sustainable harvested grass that regenerates at least 8 times faster than hardwood.

Not only does bamboo mature rapidly but harvesting does not kill the plant. We use only fully mature Moso bamboo selected for superior strength and maximum hardness.

DuroDesign makes two types of bamboo flooring
DuroDesign bamboo is available in 62 colors in either traditional solid strip flooring or extra-wide engineered plank flooring.

Solid strip flooring is installed as traditional hardwood flooring is, while our engineered wide-plank flooring can also be installed as a floating floor or simply for its wide-plank luxurious appeal.

DuroDesign produces beautiful flooring
Each plank of bamboo is finish-sanded to exacting standards. We achieve clear and crisp colors for our bamboo flooring with only the best quality pigments and preserve its naturally beautiful unique grain.

DuroDesign bamboo floors feature a furniture-grade finish with 6 coats of our MP765 polyurethane finishing system formulated for the utmost in durability, abrasion resistance, clarity and resilience.

DuroDesign bamboo floors are covered by our 25-year structural and 5-year renewable finish warranty.

Build green and achieve LEED® certification
The adhesive used in manufacturing has practically no formaldehyde (0.0243 ppm). Adhesive emission is more than 4 times lower than the stringent European Union E1 standard.
LEED® MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
LEED® EQ Credit 4: Low-Emitting Materials

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