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What to Expect From a Site Finished Flooring Definition: Site finished flooring is referring to a wood floor that is sanded and finished after it is installed. This method, as with any, has its pros and cons: Advantages 1. The end result is smooth across the entire surface of the floor with no detectable high/low points 2. You spend less money on the wood itself than you would on prefinished wood 3. Any conceivable borders, fancy inlays, or other carpentry tricks can be employed Disadvantages 1. The finish is not as hard as that of a prefinished floor 2. Initially, the finish will have many small bubbles/imperfections. These will fade in 2 to 4 weeks 3. The sanding process creates a lot of dust that gets everywhere * 4. The finishing process creates a powerful odor (in most cases) which can linger for several days/weeks (The odor is only strong for the first day or two) * 5. The entire installation takes around twice as long as it would with prefinished, costing you more in labor 6. Because of the finish, you will be required to stay off of the floors for as long as 48 hours from the time the workers start to apply the finish 7. Heavy furniture will need to remain off the new floors for at least 48 hours after the last coat is applied. Area rugs should not be layed out on new floors for up to two weeks depending on which finish is used. 8. * With G&K Floor Covering’s 97% dustless sanding system & if you choose one of our low V.O.C. waterbased finishes, the disadvantages listed under #3 & #4 would be virtually eliminated. What to expect Site finished floors must be sanded and finished all at once, whereas prefinished floors can be installed room by room. So for the sanding/finishing, all furniture, cords, curtains, closet doors, etc. will need to be off the floors. Any pets, children or guests will also need to be kept from wandering onto the floors. You will need to decide whether you will need to live somewhere else for the installation, sanding, and/or finishing processes. One reason you would need to live somewhere else is if every entrance/exit to the house is going to be cut off by new wood. If that is the case then it would be best for you to be out of the house for the entire finishing process since otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to leave. Be sure to discuss with our crew about when you should/shouldn’t be in your house. The Sanding. This step is what causes the most mess. Sanding creates sawdust. Fine sanding creates fine sawdust. This sawdust gets everywhere. If you want, the installers can mask off the area that is going to be sanded (for a price). This will keep most of the sawdust out of wherever you don’t want it to be. Keep in mind that the only way to keep all sawdust out of an area is to make an airtight seal. G&K Floor Covering’s sand & finish crews use dust containment vacuum systems for their sanding equipment that will eliminate 97 percent of the dust. The Finish. This is the most sensitive part of the entire job. There are a lot of things that will affect the drying time and overall quality of the finish. Some of them are Humidity, temperature, air movement, and presence of direct sunlight. Although it is nice when the finish dries faster than it is supposed to, this can cause quality problems like bubbles and overlap marks. Please be in communication with your installer about any decisions you make that will affect the drying time/quality of the finish. The Finish (Sheen Levels) Finishes are available in different sheen levels from matte to high gloss. We strongly caution against going with a high gloss finish, as any imperfections such as dust in the finish will be significantly more noticeable.. The Finish (Odor). Oil-based finish emits very powerful (and not at all healthy) fumes for the first 8 hours or so. The smell may stick around for up to two weeks after the floor is completed, but will be significantly diluted, and not at all harmful. A common mist